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Case Study

Price Industries is a multi-generation family company that has grown to more than 4,000 employees, headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada but spread over four locations across North America. The Company is an industry leader that engineers and manufactures leading edge HVAC systems and other related products for a multitude of clients and uses. 

A key factor in PRICE’s ethos has been attracting, retaining, and motivating bright, dynamic people and providing opportunities for their long-term career growth. In 2018 it was clear that the office space at their headquarters in Winnipeg, MB was bursting at the seams, and a multistage expansion and renovation plan was initiated.  

The company’s management team collaborated and sought input from employees across several departments to identify project goals and employee needs. Facilities Designer Ainsley Price ultimately focused on a variety of employee comfort and stimulation factors in the plan of the renovated workspace: light, visual and/or audio privacy, connectivity, relaxation and thinking opportunities, and ergonomic comfort. 

The renovation was underway when the onset of COVID created new challenges. With travel restricted and many employees adapting to working from home or hybrid arrangements, questions arose about what, if any, changes needed to be made to the design. 

Would employees feel comfortable returning to a shared working environment? Would physical distancing guidelines change how these affect open-area workstations and meeting spaces? 

PRICE responded by moving forward with their plan, believing that their employees and guests benefit when given the opportunity to spend time and connect at the office. “Because we chose a modular product, we were able to pivot with BF Workplace within the new constraints imposed by the pandemic.” 

The re-designed Headquarters facility is beautiful, flowing, intuitive and peaceful. It features PRICE’s world-class HVAC systems, imparting excellent air circulation resulting in a healthier workspace. There are private retreats for creative work, open workspaces for collaborative activity, and superb meeting rooms that support electronic communication with remote colleagues and clients. There are attractive lounge and dining areas where people can refresh and have the possibility of idea-sharing through chance encounters. 

“Feedback from employees has been extremely positive, with many people commenting about how much the new space has improved their work day. In addition, the after-sales service provided by BF Workplace has been exceptional”. 

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