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We help create effective workplaces. But, what does that mean?



We’ve been Manitoba owned since our founding in 1962; we’re proud to be part of the Steelcase dealer network, strongest in the world. But: we have a broad range of Canadian and U.S. product lines, too. Our dedication is to our clients’ needs.


We’re committed to constant innovation, to help you get the most out of the places where you work; we have access to the leading edge of research in our field. That said, we know Manitoba needs us to fit their budget. We don’t just work here, it’s who we are.


Our people have been trained to know every job in the Company. We know product, procedure, and each other. We know our suppliers, our partners and how to get projects done, here and all across the continent.


What do you need? What do you want? What can you afford? Our staff, our suppliers, and our partners in the Architecture & Design community are constantly working out those solutions together.


This is how we help you create an effective workplace!

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