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Case Study

Travel Manitoba, a Crown Corporation, leads the province’s tourism industry through innovative marketing initiatives. After many years in a 7th-floor office building suite, an opportunity arose to relocate to an entire building in the historic area at The Forks – arguably the number one tourism address in the province. The move presented an opportunity to bring all staff together under one roof and to improve connections within the team and with visitors.

The Travel Manitoba team collaborated with Sputnik Architecture and bf workplace to create a new environment with these goals and issues:

  • No more isolated “silo” drywall offices;

  • A better line of sight communication between staff;

  • Workstations that allow spontaneous conversations/meetings;

  • Quiet meeting and touch-down space for staff members;

  • Bright natural light for everyone;

  • Open-air mezzanine, but minimal disturbance from the public on the ground floor.


Colin Ferguson, CEO, Travel Manitoba:
“Our team’s morale, creativity, and productivity have improved greatly. We became a high-level functioning team. Our workstations are well-designed, more efficient, and more functional. Our space has become a showpiece. Moving into our space was an amazing transformation.”

With innovation and teamwork at an all-time high, the Travel Manitoba team was thrilled to see Manitoba named one of the top 10 regions in the world to visit in 2019 by a travel media giant, Lonely Planet.

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