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Case Study

Since 1965 United Way has worked with Winnipeg’s citizens and organizations, raising impressive fund levels each year; providing financial support and counsel to well managed non-profit agencies that help people in difficulty live their lives, function in our society and be happy again.

United Way wanted an entirely new building, located in the heart of its downtown core constituents to support its dynamic, growing staff. A beautiful new headquarters was built, designed by Architect Ray Wan. The management team collaborated closely with bf workplace and Teresa Van Osch, of Van Osch Design with these issues and goals for their changing work scenario:

  • Beautiful and functional

  • Engage with staff and fit our workplace culture

  • Allow integration of work across departments and work groups

  • Flexible and re-configurable

  • Allow spontaneous conversations and collaborations

  • Good ergonomic solutions; adjustable work surface heights

CEO Connie Walker:


"bfworkplace was a great partner to work with, carefully listening to our needs and offering helpful advice and guidance. They hit the mark, providing us with a very functional and affordable workspace that makes it easier for us to do what we do. We’re so pleased with how our workspace came together! bf workplace cares about building a better community and one way for them to make a difference was to make a difference for us. We are grateful every day!

Our volunteer and staff teams care deeply about our community and work very hard on behalf of our many donors and partners. We love where we live, and we wanted our team to love where they work, just as much."

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